LinkedIn has more potential than most people realize. With their publishing platform, ability to increase influence, and build a network of connections, LinkedIn is the leading social network for business professionals.


Why You Should Think About LinkedIn Lead Ads

As a marketer, you know that when you receive email addresses from your lead capture campaigns, the quality of those emails can vary drastically. For example:

  • The user provides a fake email address
  • The email address is real, but it’s an account they only use for marketing
  • Entries are not real people, but bots

With LinkedIn Lead Ads, those issues are no longer a factor. Rather than relying on users to fill out a lead capture form, the ad is auto-filled with the correct name and email address of the lead. This makes it as seamless as possible for a potential customer to provide you with reliable contact information, which makes your job as a marketer a whole lot easier.


Getting Started with LinkedIn Lead Ads

First, you need to start a new “Lead Generation Form.” Surprisingly, it’s not under “Create a Campaign,” which is where you’d think it would be, but instead under the “Account Assets” section of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Next, you need to fill out the form. The picture will automatically be your profile picture and header.

Configuring Your Form

  • Create a form name: This name is only visible to you to track each ad.
  • Write an offer headline: This has to be 40 characters or less, so make it short and sweet.
  • Write offer details: You have up to 160 characters to explain why they should bother signing up. While a full 160 characters are permitted, only the first 75 characters will show, and then the form will display a “see more” So make sure those first 75 characters are attention grabbers.
  • Provide a privacy policy: Your website should always have a privacy policy. If it doesn’t, get one. Once you do, you can include this URL on your form. They do provide a text field to write a privacy policy if you don’t have a url, but this will increase the length of your form and may discourage people from registering.
  • Choose the lead info you want to collect: You can choose a maximum of 7 categories, including the obvious ones like name and email. You can also ask for various location information, job title, company information, and levels of education among other things. Typically you want to ask for as little information as possible to make it easy for people to fill it out, but since LinkedIn prefills fields using information directly from their profile, you have a little more flexibility in asking for more information. You only need to consider what information the person may or may not feel comfortable giving away.
  • Design your thank you message: This is where you can simply say thank you, or redirect them to your website where they can find more information about your business.

Now that you have your lead form created, you will be able to connect this to any of your ad campaigns.

This is an integrated tool that will allow you to get direct leads rather than relying on click through rates. You will have to have a company ad page set up in order to use this (these ads do not work on a personal account). You can always download a list of your leads as a CSV file in Campaign Manager and then upload them into your email service provider, CRM, or other lead management solution. Driftrock, Marketo, and Oracle Eloqua, to name a few, integrate directly with LinkedIn Lead Ads.


How to Use LinkedIn Lead Ads

LinkedIn Lead ads are perfect for getting people to take immediate action on your ads. You biggest task will be to create ads that people want to fill out. Here are a few examples that you can build appealing ads around:

  • Free Consultations: If your business offers a free initial consultation, an ad offering that can collect your leads for you to follow up with.
  • Webinars: Do you do digital events or webinars as a lead capture for potential clients? You can use the lead generation ad to give them a one click option for signup. Depending on what webinar system you use, you may have to manually enter the contacts.
  • Free ebooks or Digital Offers: Have you created a guide, ebook, or worksheet. Use a Lead Ad to capture information and direct them automatically to the digital offer.


Measuring Results

To see campaign performance for your lead gen campaigns, click on the “Leads” tab in your Campaign Manager dashboard. Here you’ll see key performance metrics including the total number of leads, form completion rate, and total cost per lead.

Marketers have access to lead data for 90 days. To protect members’ data, LinkedIn deletes all lead data after 90 days. To avoid losing this valuable information, we recommend downloading your lead data frequently for record keeping. Or simply set up an integration so that leads flow into your CRM or marketing automation solution in real time.


How to Optimize Your Lead Gen Campaign for Results

When setting up your lead gen campaign, consider the following tips:

Make sure images and copy are relevant throughout

As users progress through the form and submit their information, make sure your messaging is consistent. For example, if you are asking members to sign up for an ebook, make sure you send them the ebook via email or link to it on the “Thank You” page.

Be direct, and verify that your messaging matches the CTA

Keep in mind Lead Gen Forms are bottom funnel. Be upfront with the value the user is getting.

Less is more

If opens are high but leads are low, it could be that you have too many fields. Remember, put yourself in the member’s position. You’re less likely to submit 7 fields rather than 2. We recommend advertisers have 3 to 4 fields at most.

Try not to include fields requiring manual input

Phone number and gender, or fields that may not be listed on a member’s profile already, require the member to manually type their information in before submitting. Keep in mind that members cannot submit a form with blank fields. To keep conversion rates high, ask for information that are likely to be on their profile.


LinkedIn On

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