New Year, New Calendar Tab

Viewing your scheduled posts just got a little bit easier. In addition to the Scheduled column in the Manage tab, we are happy to introduce the Calendar tab. A whole page dedicated solely to your scheduled posts. With options for a  Month and Week view, you can easily spot days that are empty and quickly create a post right from your calendar. See our interactive calendar in action with our Calendar Tutorial Video.



Assign Engagements to Team Members

Responding to engagements just got a little more collaborative! We’ve added the ability to assign social engagements (comments/replies/etc.) to your team members in Firefuze. You can also add notes and attached files to make sure your assignee knows exactly how to respond or handle certain engagement situations. Think of it as your own little customer support tool.


Other Notable Updates and Improvements

  • Video Support – Upload and share videos from both the Web and Mobile app.
  • Column Refresh – Say goodbye to constantly refreshing your browser. Refresh specific columns on the Home and Engage tabs to make sure you are looking at the latest available posts.


What’s on the Way

We have some big goals for 2018 and are excited to share them with you. Here are some of the things we are working on right now to release over the next few months.

  • Emoji support
  • Improvements for team member and social account management
  • Options for time zone capabilities
  • A new Media Library tab for uploading and storing photos/videos